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Wildlife Protection

Every year thousands of amphibians are killed throughout Britain on roads that cross their migration paths (For example, on one monitored road an estimated 10,000 toads crossed in 5 days of early March) while motorists are also put at risk through distraction and evasive action.

Furthermore, encroaching urban developments, construction sites and industrial activities (such as quarrying) pose even greater threats to wildlife ecosystems. With some species, such as the Great Crested Newt, now protected by law due to declining numbers from loss of habitat.

Hy-Tex have therefore developed a comprehensive range of fencing systems, designed with the fundamental requirements and well being of herpetofauna and small mammals alike, to ensure the successful management of wildlife habitats where traffic and other developments pose a problem.

The continually evolving Ecofender Newt Fence range of barrier sheets accessories are best suited to temporary, and semi-permanent, projects (such as construction activities and relocation) and their designs conform to the Natural England “Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines”.

While for road migration crossings the more durable new Ecofender Permanent Newt Panels and ACO Wildlife Guidance Fence, Tunnel and Kerb systems provide long term solutions for safe passage of amphibians, reptiles and small mammals and are designed to conform to mitigation guidelines in the Highways Agency “Design Manual for Roads”.


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