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The Gripple TL P1 Pin holds all types of erosion control and soil stabilisation blanket matting securely in place.

Gripple TL P1 Pin - Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd.

Gripple TL P1 Pin

High Load Anchoring Pin

Gripple TL P1 Pin

The revolutionary new fixing pin designed to hold all types of turf reinforcement matting, erosion blankets, geotextiles and landscaping fabrics.

Key benefits include:

  • Quick and easy to install with a standard electric drill
  • Up to 10x quicker to install
  • Superior pull out performance when compared to traditional stakes, staples, straight and U-pins
  • Eliminates time & labour associated with replacing or reworking pins that have become loose or pulled out altogether
  • Designed to minimise damage to the mat
  • The innovative design of the top coil eliminates the need for a washer, spreads the load and ensures close contact between the matting and soil

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Gripple TL P1 Pin

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Gripple TL P1 Pin

Gripple TL P1 Pin supplied by Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd. Tel: 01233 720097
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