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A comprehensive range of high strength, light weight, plastic extruded meshes for plant support, fencing, bird cages, litter fence, butterfly protection, windbreaks, warning barriers, screens, tree guards and many other applications.

Extruded Nets

Extruded Aviary Net

The extruded aviary net is manufactured as a 60-gram polypropylene netting. The netting is rot proof and is resistant to bird excretion and saline corrosion. It is a highly tear resistant product, yet flexible and light.

Mole Net

Mole netting is made of Polypropylene (PP). It effectively protects your lawn from moles and small rodents which dig holes in the ground. This mesh is very light but also heavy-duty like a metal net. However, unlike the latter, it resists chemicals and weather elements.

The particular stretching process in both directions which it undergoes during production provides this mesh with exceptional tensile strength, so it can withstand intense stresses.

Multi Purpose Nets – Cintoflex & C-Flex

These nets have a high tensile strength and can be manufactured in widths up to 4.6m. Available in four mesh sizes, they are rot proof, chemical resistant and UV stabilised. They are easy to install requiring little support and can be erected to heights in excess of 25m.

Plant Support Nets

Plant support net has been designed to provide either vertical or horizontal support and is strong enough to withstand the heaviest of crops. Used vertically against a wall or on a frame, it is strong enough to encourage the growth of peas, beans, cucumbers and marrows, alternatively, the nets can be placed horizontally to provide support for long stemmed flowers.


  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • High degree of UV stabilisation
  • Comprehensive range of mesh sizes and colours
  • Superior quality
  • Wide range of roll sizes

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Extruded Nets


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