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Ultra Drain Guards are designed to remove sediment and oil pollution from surface water running into gully drains from surrounding construction sites, farms, and industrial estates.

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Ultra Drain Guard

Drainage Protection

Ultra Drain Guards

Ultra Drain Guards are designed to remove oil and sediment pollution from surface water running into gully drains from surrounding construction sites, farms, industrial estates, or other areas prone to storm water pollution or cleaning operations.

Ultra Drain Guards are made from a high permeability non-woven polypropylene geotextile that trap solids and oils but allow water to drain through and also incorporate bypass ports to further maintain flow into the drain.

They are designed to be easily placed directly into the drain gully pot to filter out materials as they flow into the drain without compromising drainage, and the Oil and Sediment model absorbs up to 3.29 litres of hydrocarbons as well as up to 18 kg of sediment, sand or debris.

Model Code Oil Capture Sediment Capture Collection Area Flow Rate Size
Oil & Sediment 9217 3.29 l
(.87 gal)
18 kg
(40 lbs)
25.4cm (diameter) x 45.7cm (depth)
(10” x 18”)
1893 l/min
(500 gpm)
121.9 x 91.4 x 45.7cm
(48” x 36” x 18”)
Feature ASTM Test Value
Material: Non-woven polypropylene geotextile
Grab Tensile Strength: D 4632 979 N (220 lb)
Elongation: D 4632 50%
Trapezoid Tear: D 4533 423 N (95 lb)
Puncture Resistance: D 4833 600 N (135 lbs)
Mullen Burst: D 3786 2,896 kpa (420 psi)
Permittivity: D 4491 1.4 sec-¹
Pore Size: D 4751 180 micron (80 US sieve no)
UV Stability: D 4355 70% strength retained after 500hr
Weight: D 5261 272 g/m² (8 oz/yd²)
Flow Rate - Fabric: D 4491 3,660 l/min/m² (90 gal/min/ft²)
Flow Rate - Bypass Ports: D 4491 2,914 l/min


  • Captures oil and sediment before it enters the drain
  • Absorbs up to 3.29 litres of hydrocarbons
  • Holds up to 18kg of sediment
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Universal fit
  • Compact packaging means storage on site is not taken up
  • Designed to be used for 3-6 months under normal conditions

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Ultra Drain Guards


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  • 25.4cm (diameter) x 45.7cm (depth) catchment area
  • Cut the skirt to fit your drain
Ultra Drain Guards Drainage Protection supplied by Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd. Tel: 01233 720097
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