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Pro-Tex™ Floating Silt Curtains, otherwise known as silt nets or turbidity curtains are manufactured using a range of geotextile and PVC materials and are available in a range of sizes depending on the site requirements.

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Silt Curtains

Pro-Tex™ Silt Curtains

Our floating silt curtains are available for both hire or sale and are readily available from stock in a range of sizes or custom units can be made quickly if required. We will not be beaten on quality and price.

What are floating silt curtains?

Pro-Tex™ floating silt curtains are designed to control and manage sediment flow within water. In brief, Pro-Tex™ floating silt curtains consist of a top flotation pocket using an environmentally safe and 100% recyclable closed cell foam. In addition to foam buoyancy we can manufacture our pvc range of silt curtains to be air filled.

Below the foam buoyancy pocket of the silt curtain is the curtain itself. We use a range of materials for manufacturing our floating silt curtains in the UK, mainly pvc and woven geotextile. Other suppliers of silt curtains may supply ‘permeable geotextile silt curtains’, however geotextile silt curtains are not permeable as the pores within the geotextile which the manufacturers specification advise a water permeability rate quickly blind with the sediment resulting quite quickly in the curtain becoming impervious. Where a flow is required through the silt curtain, we can frequency weld into pvc or stitch into geotextile materials a pvc mesh which will allow a flow of water through without blinding. It must be noted that the pore opening size of the mesh will allow a large amount of sediment to pass through the curtain at the same time.

At the bottom of the ‘curtain’ is a ballast pocket, where chain is used as a ballast weight to hold the curtain down in the water. Every 5m or closer if required are d-shackles for attaching additional weight and anchors.

In fast flowing water the bottom of the curtain will kick up to allow the water flow to pass under the silt curtain whilst forcing the sediment to be forced down assisting in the sediment control process.

Silt Curtain Type Standard Depths Suggested
Max Depth
Max Length
Geotextile 1m, 2m, 4m 9m 30m
1m, 2m, 4m, 9m 14m 30m
PVC 1m, 2m, 5m, 8m 35m 20m
PVC/Geotextile 1.5m, 2.5m, 5.5m 20m 20m
PVC with
flow panels
5m, 8m, 11m 35m 20m


  • Any depth from 250mm to 25m
  • Any length, multiple units can be joined together
  • Integrated foam buoyancy and chain ballast weight
  • Controls and manages sediment flow within water
  • Top flotation pocket consists of an environmentally safe and 100% recyclable closed cell foam

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Pro-Tex™ Silt Curtains

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Pro-Tex™ Silt Curtains

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