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VertiVerd vertical green wall modules are designed as a cost effective and practical solution for domestic applications.


VertiVerd vertical green wall modules are designed as a cost effective and practical solution for domestic applications.

Our new VertiVerd vertical garden kit should catch your eye. This self irrigating planter has a super simple design and is easy to piece together. Resulting in a stunning vertical garden at a fraction of the costs of other systems which can be used by professionals and home gardeners alike.

You can even use a row of these containers underneath a window instead of the typical planter boxes. Not only are they lightweight and easy to attach to a wall or wooden railing, but you can combine multiple segments to create the length of planter you need.

They are also conveniently designed to hold individual flower pots, so you can easily remove and replace plants as you like. This feature is really nice for a seasonal herb garden or planting colourful annual flowers each spring, summer and autumn.

In addition to being simple to set up and install, this vertical garden is also designed with a water-conserving and easy irrigation in mind. Save water, save money and save time all while growing healthier and happier plants. You only need to water the top level of your garden (manually or through a simple drip irrigation system), and then the underlying levels are watered one after the other through a trickle-down system that is built right into the planter.

VertiVerd Vertical Wall Planters are sold in 3-pocket sections in which you can place 3 planted 5” pots, or, insert the optional removable filter tray layer and place soil and plants directly into the pockets.

The filter layer helps plants “breathe” and grow healthier, plus the reservoir keeps plants watered up to two weeks, depending on climate and species.

Make your living wall as large or as small as you like. You can also design your garden in a unique shape or design and you can use it indoors or out. And if that wasn’t enough, the containers are safe for growing edibles (made from recycled polypropylene).

VertiVerd was awarded Best Retail Product 2018
at Four Oaks and was selected as a finalist for 2018 Garden Product Of the Year at
the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

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Feature VertiVerd
Material: Made from recycled polypropylene
Close Arrangement Trough Spacing: 450mm wide x 150mm high

Coverage: 14.81 troughs/m² (44.43 plants)

Open Arrangement Trough Spacing: 450mm wide x 200mm high

Coverage: 11.11 troughs/m² (33.33 plants)


  • Modular Design
  • Budget Friendly Pricing
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Flexible Spacing
  • Secure Anchorage
  • Efficient Irrigation
  • Easy Installation
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Tough and Durable

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