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Clearweave™ - Cherry Rain Covers

The Clearweave™ cherry cover system provides effective protection to cherry crops from weather damage - especially during the blossom, stoning and fruit ripening periods.


  • Reduced Cracking
  • Improved Yields & Quality
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Use
  • Protects against frost, rain, hail and wind
  • Developed in consultation with FAST
  • Quick to draw down
  • Perfect balance between size and handling
  • Low shade factor
  • Tough and durable
  • High degree of UV stabilisation
  • Long lasting and high performance

Clearweave™ - Cherry Rain Covers

Growing cherries has proved an uncertain business because of their vulnerability to weather damage - especially during the blossom, stoning and fruit ripening periods.

Clearweave™ cherry cover system has been specifically designed to tackle these problems; offering protection throughout the season from frost, rain, hail and wind.

The covers were developed over an eight year period - in consultation with FAST and leading growers, as well as independent field trials undertaken, together with practical experience - and have demonstrated the significant benefits of using them.

The cover system comprises of a sliding canopy made from Hy-Tex's unique Clearweave™ fabric and specialised fixings.

The purpose made cover is suspended above the trees, on a simple post and wire support structure, and can be quickly drawn (like a curtain) over the rows when shelter is required. The cover size provides the optimum balance between handling, wind resistance and protection.

Clearweave™ is a clear, breathable, material with low shade factor. The fabric is very tough, with a high degree of UV stabilisation (to protect against breakdown in sunlight), so will provide many years of use, and the suppleness makes it very easy to handle.

Hy-Tex have also devised a patent fixing system to secure the cover to the wires. This technique is not only adaptable (with flexibility in positioning), but also quick and easy to attach.


FeaturesClearweave™ Cherry Rain Covers
MaterialWoven polyethylene
Shade Factor<20%
UV Stabilisation400kLy
Tensile Strengthmd 16kN, cd 16kN
Standard Cover Size*5.00m x 12.50m
AccessoriesShock cord, eyelets and stainless steel clips

*custom sizes available to suit orchard layout

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