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Ecofender™ Repair Tape

All weather repair tape for Ecofender™ Standard newt barrier sheets.


  • Used to fix minor damages to newt barrier sheets
  • Cost effective solution

Ecofender™ Repair Tape

Ecofender™ Repair Tape is a premium all weather tape used to repair damage to Ecofender™ Standard newt barrier sheets.

Newt barriers may become damaged on site due to general day to day work. If so, this creates weaknesses and breaches in the fencing and a chance for amphibians to enter site and possibly endanger themselves.

Our repair tape can be used to fix minor damages as a more cost effective solution than replacing damaged sections.

Available in two widths (50 and 100mm) both in 33 metre reels.


FeatureEcofender™ Repair Tape
Reel Size
50mm x 33.00m
100mm x 33.00m

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