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About Us

Hy-Tex (UK) Limited is an established family business founded in 1991

Hy-Tex (UK) Limited is an independent family run business, operating for over 33 years. During this time we have built a team of long term employees, with an extensive knowledge base and brilliant work ethic. We offer a wide range of biodegradables and geotextiles to help protect the environment, particularly specialising in silt and erosion control.

The Company

Hy-Tex (UK) Limited is an established independent family run business, founded in 1991 on an in-depth knowledge of both technical and biodegradable textiles. Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd is run by David Poole (Director) and step-son Ryan Markham (Sales Manager), surrounded by an incredible and supportive team. With our family ethics at heart, all employees are treated as equals and every person's input fairly valued.

Whilst being a supply only company, we can offer general advice based on our 33 years of experience, and are always more than willing to help our customer where we can. To help others grow their knowledge and understand best practices, online webinars are now offered completely free of charge at our customers chosen date and time.

We are a leading direct and merchant supplier, with over 20,000ft² of dedicated storage located in Ashford, Kent. Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd has considerable experience servicing contracts and can offer a wide range of products for prompt delivery throughout the UK via our carrier networks, with next day services available on many of our products, along with special requirement deliveries such as FORS and flatbed vehicles as well as hiab, tail lift and moffett unloads.

The Products

Our products now consist of a wide variety, ranging from; erosion control meshes (biodegradable and permanent), silt fences, weed and root barriers, drain protection, dewatering bags and much more. We only work with highly reputable and responsible manufacturers to ensure we provide the highest quality of products to our customers.

Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd has developed an enviable reputation for providing quality products at competitive rates, supported by a friendly, efficient service and a comprehensive understanding of the materials and their applications. Consistent growth, long-term customer loyalty, a portfolio of prestigious projects and BS EN ISO 9001 quality assurance accreditation reflect this continual commitment to our clients.

Want to learn more about how we got to where we are, see our history timeline below.

The Head Office

The Head Office

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Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our company. They are the core of what defines us and form the framework of how we engage with all colleagues, customers, and stakeholders.
Our values are for both the company and our colleagues to live by; therefore, we look for these values in every one of our actions.
Hy-Tex is a family business, and we place strong emphasis on family values in the workplace.

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We encourage honesty which helps maintain trust and highlights any issues.

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You (Our staff)

We are keen to nurture our staff to ensure they grow, develop and see rewards for their efforts.

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Trust shows a firm belief in reliability and capabilities. By doing our best, and supporting our team and customers, it reaffirms our trustworthiness which results in increased communication, collaboration, and innovation.

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It is our aim to protect the environment the best we can by being mindful of our activities in the workplace and the products we supply. Help us achieve our goals and please adopt these within your own principles.

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We always strive for excellence and never settle for less, as a company we go above and beyond, and we encourage our staff to do the same. Strive for a positive attitude and having a cheerful, upbeat, and respectful attitude can make a big difference in team morale and productivity.

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Unity is the state of being whole and undivided. We encourage our staff to be themselves, as diversity creates opportunities, but be unified in our goals and work as a team. Making an effort at work and showing empathy to the feelings of our team members and customers helps us all feel supported, safe, and understood.

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We are keen to share our knowledge and are willing to learn from our customers and staff. We encourage our team to gain new skills and understanding, and embrace opportunities to gain qualifications and bring to our attention ideas that they think can enhance our company, ensuring we stay at the pinnacle of our market.

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We should support each other in difficult times and not intentionally harm each other. We can foster loyalty by encouraging everyone to share their feelings, not shame them for mistakes, and make caring for the company and each other a priority.

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We will remain tenacious in order to further Hy-Tex, ourselves and our customers, never giving up, but striving for innovative solutions and excellence in order to overcome obstacles.

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Duty is the state, or fact, of having a responsibility to deal with something or of having control over someone. Being responsible means fully owning a task, or project, and demonstrating clear management, control, and accountability. Without this, goals and tasks can crumble under confusion, mismanagement, and oversights, while accepting duties builds trust and promotes a safe and positive culture.

Our History

  1. Our Story Begins

    670464000 April, 1991

    Hy-Tex (UK) Limited founded by Mike Hyder to specialise in the supply of biodegradable erosion control meshes.

    Mike and his wife, Sheila, work from a portacabin in the garden with their warehouse some redundant farm buildings nearby.

  2. Hitting the Ground Running

    696902400 February, 1992

    With our focus on natural fibre erosion control solutions we quickly build a reputation in the industry and in the early years secured a variety of prestigious projects for our Soil Saver jute including:

    Second Severn Crossing – 95,000m²

    Sizewell ‘B’ Powerstation – 20,000m²

    Kettering Northern Bypass – 21,000m²

    A41 Kings Lanley and Beckhamsted Bypasses – 163,000m²

    A358 Project – 24,000m²

    A1/M1 Link – 195,000m²

  3. Appointed Distributor for Synthetic Industries Geotextiles

    712627200 August, 1992

    From past experience in the technical textile market, we diversified in to geotextiles and became a key distributor for Synthetic Industries.

  4. First Significant Geotextile Project

    736214400 May, 1993

    We supply 32,000m² of high strength woven geotextile to the Second Severn Crossing Project

  5. Saving the Day

    773020800 July, 1994

    Works on the £46.7m major A465 Aberdulais to Glynneath road project were jeopardised when the original geotextile supplier was unable to deliver the materials ordered.

    We were urgently approached by Alfred McAlpine and successfully offered an alternative high strength geotextile within an acceptable timetable, at very short notice, and consequently supplied over 600,000m² of woven geotextile to help keep the project on schedule.

  6. Appointed UK Distributor for UCO Agrotextiles

    775699200 August, 1994

    Through past connections we were proud to be appointed the sole UK distributor for the UCO agrotextile range.

    UCO were the largest manufacturer of horticulture fabrics in Europe and had a comprehensive range of products for a wide range of applications.

  7. Family Business Expands

    780969600 October, 1994

    David Poole joins his step-father Mike and mum in running the family business.

    David qualified as a quantity surveyor before taking a gap year to backpack around the world.

    Initially, it was a temporary position while he decided his career path, but he fully embraced his new role and the business grew rapidly.

  8. Sales of Covertex Grow

    783648000 November, 1994

    Hy-Tex 18 (Later renamed Covertex) premium grade woven ground cover demand grows, due to it’s quality and price, and quickly becomes specified on many large scale landscaping projects including numerous residential developments and civil projects such as Southport Waste Water Treatment Works where 16,000m² was used for longterm weed control.

    We are awarded the contract to supply Netlon (the largest supplier to the garden center and nursery market at the time) both standard and mini-rolls. A relationship that lasted for many years.

    Demand for the agricultural and fruit growing sector expands too with over 15,000m² supplied to one fruit grower alone.

  9. Sedimat the First Silt Mat Launched

    817776000 December, 1995

    With our growing reputation in the biodegradable erosion control market we were approached about, and subsequently awarded, the sole European distribution rights for a new pollution control product called a Sedimat.

    Sedimat silt mats are a patented product designed to provide a pratical solution to trap disturbed sediment during instream construction actitivities. The mats quickly became popular with the Environment Agency and still play an import role in our product portfolio.

  10. CoirMesh Erosion Control Highlights

    820454400 January, 1996

    CoirMesh coconut fibre erosion control mesh sales continue to grow due to the tough durable nature of this fully biodegradable blanket.

    Recent highlights include:

    7,500m² of CoirMesh 700 and 900 selected for use on the M66 joint venture to protect against harsh erosion conditions

    3,200m² of CoirMesh 900 for a civil engineering project in Audenshaw

    8,300m² of CoirMesh 400 for the Cornish Wildlife Trust in a specialist application that required an open weave tough mesh to retain heather brashing for moorland restoration

    3,000m² of CoirMesh 700 to protect the banks of Llandegfedd Reservoir

    9,000m² of bespoke 1,400g/m² tight weave coir meshes to protect slopes at a gold mine in Ghana

    2,000m² of CoirMesh 700 for an Environment Agency project at Crossens Embankment

  11. First Cherry Rain Cover

    857174400 March, 1997

    Working closely with the Farm Advisor Services Team (FAST), and local cherry growers, Hy-Tex develop Clearweave, a unique cherry rain cover, that protects the fruit from rain damage during the critical rippening time.

    The covers, combined with new root stocks, help cope with our unpredictable climate and result in significant replanting of cherry orchards.

  12. Soil Saver Erosion Control Highlights

    865123200 June, 1997

    Soil Saver geo-jute erosion control mesh continues to prove very popular for general erosion protections with a number projects including:

    8,000m² Fernlea Tip restoration

    6,000m² Didcot B power station

    12,000m² St Fergus Gas Terminal for marram grass restoration on sand dunes

    54,000m² M65 Blackburn road works

  13. Clearweave Cherry Covers Prove Popular

    891388800 April, 1998

    During the 1998 season we supplied nearly 2,000 cherry rain covers to farmers thoughout the South of England as confidence in growing cherries increases, due to this new form of protection

  14. Appointed UK Distributor for Lys Fabrics

    893980800 May, 1998

    With growing market share in both geotextile and agrotextile fabrics, we were appointed the UK distributor for the new Belgian manufacturer Lys Fabrics, which later grew to become Beaulieu Technical Textiles Group.

  15. Covertex Demand High

    915148800 January, 1999

    Covertex sales continue to grow rapidly with numerous landscape contractors becoming regular clients, becuase of the quality, price and speed of delivery we offer.

    The horticulture market also embrace the brand and we supply many fruit farms, nurseries and a major worm farm company.

    We also welcome a further distributor to the DIY and garden centre market, with sales of over 1,000,000m² per year and growing.

  16. Channel Tunnel Rail Link

    933465600 August, 1999

    As a high profile forward thinking project the Channel Tunnel Rail Link placed an emphasis on protecting the environment and were concerned with potential watercourse pollution from silt laden stormwater run-off.

    As a result they selected our unique Sedimats to protect the streams and rivers, using over 700no during the project.

    We also supplied significant quantities of Terralys LF16/16 and LF29/29 geotextiles plus CoirMesh erosion control meshes.

  17. CoirMat Added

    936144000 September, 1999

    CoirMat, a dense coconut fibre erosion control blanket, was added to our biodegradable range. With early projects including 20,000m² to Kendal Fell Landfill and over 1,000m² to The Eden Project, Cornwall.

  18. Soil Saver Demand as Stong as Ever

    938649600 September, 1999

    Soil Saver demand remains strong with an Edmund Nuttall site in Aberbargoed using over 72,000m², 21,000m² for Rugby Cement Works, with other notable projects including the Millennium Coastal Park at Burry Port, Pitreavie Link Road, Dumferline and exports to Jordan.

  19. CoirMesh Proves Popular

    940377600 October, 1999

    CoirMesh sales grow with a diverse range of projects including:

    MoD works at Aldershot

    2,800m² CoirMesh 400 for Sandown Sewage Treament Works on the Isle of Wight

    2,000m² CoirMeshh 900 for Pumping Station at Llanelli

    1,500m² Eaton Park, Grovesnor Estate

    2,400m² Blaydon Quarry, Tyne and Wear

    5,500m² CoirMesh 900 Environment Agency, Tickton

    1,800m² Millennium Dome Site, Greenwich

    4,300m² to Ballyclare, Co Antrim

    1,900m² for an Environment Agency beck in Thorpe in Balne

  20. Eurotunnel – Samphire Hoe Protection

    946684800 January, 2000

    Situated at the base of Shakespeare Cliff near Dover, Samphire Hoe is a wildlife haven created from Channel Tunnel excavation spoil. During the vegetation phase the newly formed landscape was highly vulnerable to erosion from wave action. Our CoirMesh 900 was selected as the best solution and we subsequently supplied over 20,000m² of this grade plus a bespoke composite version incorporating a synthetic yarn for permanent reinforcement in extreme areas.

  21. Agrotextile Range Expands

    951868800 March, 2000

    We significantly expand our range of woven and knitted nets and meshes for horticultural applications to complement our existing, and very popular, weed control fabric and bird nets.

  22. New Biodegradable Weed Control Solution

    954374400 March, 2000

    We pioneer the use of more environmentally friendly biodegradable weed control blankets with the launch of MulchMat, a dense needlefelt blanket made from jute fibre. Early projects include the A22 Bypass in Eastbourne

  23. Coir Bio-Rolls and Pallets

    959817600 June, 2000

    We increase our biodegradable range with the addition of CoirLogs and CoirPallets for the protection of water margins and the restoration of marginal aquatic plants. Early projects include works on the new river loop at Enfield, Eastway Cycle Circuit at Stratford, Henley Royal Regatta (where both CoirLog and brushwood faggots were supplied) and an Environment Agency project at Rothley.

  24. Major UK Geotextile Supplier

    967766400 September, 2000

    With the new Terralys range of woven geotextiles, we quickly establish ourselves as a major supplier in the UK.

    In the first couple of years we supply over 3,500,000m² of standard clause 609 separator geotextile to builders merchants alone, and secure contracts to supply many civil engineering projects direct too, including 20,000m² of specialist 200kN/m polyester high strength woven geotextile to the A2/M2 roadway project.

  25. Geotextiles to Kosovo

    980985600 February, 2001

    Over 55,000m² of high strength Terralys LF29/29 woven geotextile supplied to the U.N. Interim Admin Mission in Kosovo for infrastruture works

  26. Root Barrier C3 Launched

    993945600 July, 2001

    Recognising the unique features of a new fabric developed by our manufacturer for the horticultural industry, we soon launched it as a flexible, highly puncture resistant root barrier, called Root Barrier C3.

    Initially targeted at tree root control, because it was so easy to work with and came in widths up to 4m, it was quickly adopted by invasive weed control contractors to control Japanese Knotweed, Hog Weed, and Bamboo.

    Root Barrier C3 remains one of our largest sellers thanks to its’ competitive pricing and reputation.

  27. Insect Mesh Scotland

    1001894400 October, 2001

    Hy-Tex secure a contract to supply over 600,000m² of 8/5 insect mesh to a swede grower based in Perth.

    These fine woven insect meshes are particularly beneficial at controlling insect damage where chemical use is restricted, and trials have demonstrated significant improvements in both crop quality and yield. The grower has since estimated a 98% reduction in pesticide use by using insect mesh protection.

  28. Cherry Covers Everywhere

    1080777600 April, 2004

    Norton Cherries purchased over 84,000m² (1,400 covers) of our unique Clearweave cherry rain covers to protect their crops from rain damage during the critical rippening time, as they offered far better performance than competing options.

  29. First Silt Fence Launched

    1088640000 July, 2004

    Back in 2001 we were working closely with contractors on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link to help control stormwater run-off pollution.

    In particular we experimented with various fabrics to create an effective silt fence.

    Building on this, and worldwide research, we developed a purpose made silt fence called Terrastop Premium which was quickly adopted on major civil engineering projects and soon became the best management practice – created the market for silt fences in the UK.

  30. Demanding Mine Restoration

    1091145600 July, 2004

    Our unique CoirMesh Loop 1400 erosion control mesh, which incorporates a raised loop pile to enhance performance, was selected by Scottish Coal to line channels on a high profile mine restoration scheme. Over 18,000m² was used to great effect.

  31. Largest Temporary Grass Car Park

    1146441600 May, 2006

    Due to our reputation in the industry, Tarmac chose Hy-Tex to supply over 36,000m² of GrassMesh Heavy-Duty (since replaced by the Flex 1800) for a massive temporary grass car park at Bristol Airport. This remains the largest project of its kind in the UK

  32. Silt Management on Major Gas Pipeline Project

    1177977600 May, 2007

    Recognising the high performance and unique feature of Terrastop Premium silt fence, a major gas pipeline project from Feliindre to Brecon used over 80,000m to control storm water run-off pollution over a 2 year period.

    The project also used nearly 300 of our unique Sedimats to manage disturbed sediment during instream activities, along with large quantities of CoirMesh and Soil Saver to control surface erosion and restore vegetation after the works.

  33. New Cherry Farm

    1228089600 December, 2008

    A new cherry farm chose Hy-Tex Clearweave covers over alternative solutions to protect over 11,000m² of orchard

  34. Major Expansion

    1251763200 September, 2009

    With the continual expansion of Hy-Tex we were out growing both office and warehouse space.

    Fortunately, there was opportunity to revive, and restore, a business premises in the village so we became the proud owners of Aldington Mill (formerly Harts Mill), increasing our storage to over 20,000ft² with onsite offices.

  35. First Fully Biodegradable Weed Control Mat Launched

    1280620800 August, 2010

    Hy-Tex launch Ecotex MulchMat, the first fully biodegradable weed control blanket that is EN13432:2000 certified compostable.

    Made from PLA (fermented plant sugars) the fabric offers significant environmental and performance benefits, providing the first effective alternative to synthetic and hybrid ground cover fabrics.

  36. Moorland Restoration Project

    1317427200 October, 2011

    Over 45,000m² of Soil Saver jute mesh was supplied to Moors for the Future as part of ongoing restoration to peat uplands damaged by fires and over grazing.

    We were awarded the project not just because of our fabric quality and competitive rates but because we were the only company to meet their demanding delivery schedule and packaging requirements – as all materials had to be helicopter lifted to the remote sites.

  37. Sad News

    1406851200 August, 2014

    David takes control of the business when his step-father Mike Hyder, the founder of the business, sadly passes away unexpected.

  38. Family Business Grows

    1409529600 September, 2014

    Karen, David’s wife, joins Hy-Tex to help share the workload and keep him under control.

  39. Family Tradition Continues

    1435708800 July, 2015

    David’s step-son, Ryan Markham, joins the company continuing the family tradition and starting the next generation.

    Ryan worked in communications before joining Hy-Tex. His skills and enthusiasm help rejuvinate the company and take us in new directions.

  40. CoirMesh exported to Ivory Coast

    1527811200 June, 2018

    Due to our large capacity and reputation for quality Hy-Tex were awarded a contract to supply over 160,000m² of CoirMesh 700 for major restoration works at a gold mine project in the Ivory Coast.

    Thanks to our expertise we were able to manage the challenging logistics and deliver the full order before the rainy season began.

  41. Moorland Fires

    1530403200 July, 2018

    Following the devastating moorland fires near Bolton, a utility company urgently need to protect the fire burnt bare slopes surrounding their reservoirs to avoid sediment pollution.

    We were the only company able to supply 20,000m² of Soil Saver in less than a week, just in time to protect the banks before rains arrived and encourage vegetation restoration.

  42. Pro-Tex™ Drain Inlet Filters Launched

    1567296000 September, 2019

    Pro-Tex™ Drain Inlet Filters introduced into the UK. A unique solution to trap silt and debris before it enters road gullies.

  43. R&D Investment

    1577836800 January, 2020

    As our company continues to grow, we invest in a CNC cutting machine to develop and produce new products inhouse.

  44. COVID

    1583020800 March, 2020

    COVID lockdown begins but we quickly return to work to supply major projects like HS2 that continue to operate, and we quickly become even more busy with our robust supply chains.

  45. New Ecotex™ Tree Mats

    1601510400 October, 2020

    Ecotex™ biodegradable tree mats, which are produced in-house thanks to our CNC investment, launched. With a novel on the roll tear-off option available.

  46. Eco-Haven™ Biodegradable Tree Guards Launched

    1633046400 October, 2021

    Eco-Haven™, our unique biodegradable tree guard range, launched following extensive research and development work in-house.

  47. Biobrane™ Biodegradable Drain Guards and Dewatering Bags Launched

    1633132800 October, 2021

    The worlds’ first biodegradable drain guards and dewatering bags introduced under the Biobrane™ brand

  48. Ecofender™ Bio Biodegradable Newt Barrier Launched

    1672531200 January, 2023

    Ecofender™ Bio the first ever fully biodegradable newt barrier launched.

  49. Eco-Haven™ Sleeve Biodegradable Hedge Guards Launched

    1682899200 May, 2023

    Eco-Haven™ Sleeve, the first ever truly soil biodegradable hedge guards launched after being developed in-house to extend our range of tree protection options. With the range quickly expanded to include larger diameter tree and shrub shelters.

  50. Patent Awarded for SiltPocket™ Biodegradable Check Dam

    1702857600 December, 2023

    We are proud to anounce that we have been awarded a patent for our SiltPocket™ biodegradable check dams. This novel solution for restoring moorland and controlling erosion is another in-house invention.

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