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CoirLogs are biodegradable, coconut fibre bio-rolls. They work in harmony with nature, to protect and support banks, and shorelines, while promoting restoration of wetland environments.


  • Pre-drilled holes for ease of planting
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from coir fibres
  • Protects and supports banks & shorelines
  • Promotes restoration of wetland environments
  • Protects banks from water scour
  • Pre-planted option available for faster vegetation establishment
  • Free from contaminants and satisfies environmental considerations
CoirLog Feature - biodegradable


CoirLogs are biodegradable, coconut fibre bio-rolls. The dense coir fibre CoirLog rolls dissipate wave energy, protect against water scour, and retain the bank while plants develop.

Erosion Control

Consequently general water quality is improved through the ability to control erosion and counteract non-point source pollution. The CoirLogs can be used in conjunction with our CoirPallet - which are mattress substrates that work in harmony with nature, to protect and support banks, and shorelines, while promoting restoration of wetland environments.

Vegetation Restoration

Hy-TexCoirLogs provide an ideal, stable growth substrate for marginal plants - encouraging rapid establishment of plant colonies and healthy root systems.

They are therefore particularly beneficial on projects where no suitable soil medium exists (e.g. steel/timber pile, or gabion, faces and floating islands).

Native plants can be selected for their suitability to physical conditions, the feed and cover offered to aquatic species and wildlife, or aesthetic reasons.

As roots mature to create an effective binding matrix the coir fibre progressively degrades, leaving a vegetation framework for a full wetland community.

Key Features

CoirLogs are made from virgin coconut fibre encased in knotted coir or polypropylene nets.

CoirLogs can have optional pre-formed plant holes incorporated in them to simplify placing of marginal plants, and special compounds can also be added to enhance moisture retention on sites with fluctuating water levels.


CoirLog (Unplanted)CoirLog (Planted)
Additional Features

Pre-drilled holes at 20cm intervals to ease planting


Compacted coir fibre encased in 50mm knotted coir or polypropylene netting

Woven polyethylene with 50mm x 50mm mesh size


Diameter: 200mm to 500mm(300mm standard) Length: 1.00 and 2.90m

3m long x 300mm 3m long x 200mm

Weight (KG)

45 KG, (wet) approx. (dry) 22kg

(wet) 55kg (dry) 27kg approx.


Compacted at 120 kg/m3 (i.e. 8.5 kg/m for 300mm diam.)

9 to 10kg /lin.m

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