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A comprehensive range of robust knitted and woven monofilament and tape nets and meshes for windbreak, shading and hail protection.

Knitted Nets

A comprehensive range of robust knitted and woven monofilament, and tape, nets and meshes for windbreak, shading and hail protection.

Knitted Monofilament Nets

A suitable windbreak, set at a right-angle to the prevailing wind, will protect plants against the harmful effects of blustery weather - which can break young branches, damage flowers and cause leaves to dry or tear. They can also be used to block sand and salinity as well as reduce wind erosion.
The nets also protect against frosts and help enhance the micro-climate (Photosynthesis, and ground moisture, is improved by reduced evaporation and transpiration).
While special anti-hail net grades have been designed to withstand the impact of heavy hailstorms, when installed in roof-profile above crops and orchards. This not only safeguards the current harvest but also benefits future crops, since the woody part of the plant is protected too.
Anti-hail nets also offer protection against frost, which crystallises on the netting instead of on the plants, and the denser grades provide light shade and windbreak protection as well.

Knitted Tape Nets

Knitted flat tape nets are available in a wide range of densities for shade, reduced sunlight intensity, fruit support, privacy screening and animal protection.
The nets are practical, economical and easy to install; creating ideal growing conditions by avoiding overheating, scorching and moisture loss.
The low shade factor nets are used for growing vegetables, while those with medium light-reduction/screening offer ideal conditions for storage areas, cultivating flowering plants/houseplants and acclimatising plants moved out of greenhouses.
The densest net grades are used for enclosures; to create shaded areas for animals; and as privacy screening (Especially to camouflage chain-link fencing).
There are also milk white, and two-tone, grades to block sun rays without significantly reducing light levels.
The AG TAPE FS range, are designed for inside use - such as greenhouses and perishable goods storage areas. Their low weight also means they can be laid directly onto plants.
The more robust and durable AG TAPE OM range can be used both inside and out, and are ideal for use in open fields, and exposed places, such as hardening-off areas.


  • High strength
  • Wide range of grades to suit diverse applications
  • High degree of UV stabilisation
  • Excellent performance
  • Superior weave/knit quality
  • Wide range of roll sizes
  • Customer sheet sizes also available

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Knitted Nets


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