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Bayco® Fixings

Alongside the Bayco® fencing ranges, we can also supply a range of accessories to make installation and maintenance easier.


  • Range of end tensioners, splices and staples
  • Designed specifically for Bayco polyamide wires

Alongside the Bayco® Equine fencing range, we can also supply a range of accessories to make installation and maintenance easier as described below:

Staple and Grommet

The recommended way to install Bayco is to staple the line to the inside face of the posts using protective staples. Care should be taken to prevent crushing Bayco when hammering each staple therefore it is important to secure an insulator over the Bayco at each post and drive a barbed staple over the insulator to hold it firmly but without crushing the wire. This permits the Bayco to slide freely without wear.

End Vice

On corner and end posts, it is recommended that each strand of Bayco be terminated and anchored to the post with a one-way vice, in order to protect the fencing from the abrasion and eliminate weaknesses caused by knotting. To install the one-way vice, drill end posts with a 16mm (5/8 inch) wood drill bit, push the strand through, and slip on the one-way vice. The jaw system automatically grips and prevents slipping after the strand is pulled through the vice.


It is recommended that a splicer be used when joining strands, if splicing between posts is necessary. Strain the strand ends to butt together, slip on the splicer, and release.

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