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These tree mats are made from our Covertex™ ground cover, which is a premium grade fabric. Our Covertex™ Tree Mats provide effective weed suppression allowing newly planted trees to establish, without the competition from weeds.

Covertex™ Tree Mats

These tree mats are made from our Covertex™ ground cover - which is a black, woven polypropylene, premium grade fabric designed to offer the optimum balance between shade and permeability; and has a high degree of UV stabiliser added to protect it from the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight. Our Covertex™ Tree Mats provide effective weed control allowing newly planted trees to establish their selves, without the competition from weeds.

The dense black superior weave of Covertex™ effectively suppresses competitive weed growth, conserves ground moisture, maintains a clean surface, and creates a favourable environment for healthy tree growth.

The fabric also has all the properties of a standard geotextile, so you can have piece of mind that no chemicals are going leach from the fabric to your trees.


Feature Hy-Tex Covertex™
Ground Cover
Landscaping/Horticultural Features:
Shade Factor: 99%
Permeability: 11 litres/m²/sec
UV Life Expectancy: Minimum 7 years (400 kLy rating)
Colour: Extra dense black with 25cm white grid (colour may vary)
Groundwork Features:
Tensile Strength: md 20 kN/m, cd 16 kN/m
Elongation: md 20%, cd 16%
General Details:
Composition: Woven Polypropylene
Weight: 102 g/m²
Tree Mat Size: 0.50 or 1.00m squares with slit to centre


  • Long term weed control
  • High degree of UV stabilisation (Minimum 7 year life expectancy)
  • High performance
  • Superior weave quality
  • Excellent drainage - 11l/m²/sec
  • Helps maintain soil warmth
  • Easy to use
  • 102g/m²
  • Suppresses weeds allowing plants/trees to establish

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Covertex™ Tree Mats


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  • Pins and pegs to suit also available (see below)
  • We suggest 5-6 pins per mat
Covertex™ Tree Mats supplied by Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd. Tel: 01233 720097
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