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Rock Rolls have been developed for use with coir fibre rolls. In effect they act as a small, flexible and permanent gabion.

Rock Rolls

Rock Rolls effectively act as a small, flexible and permanent gabion to help prevent wash out and scour. When used in turbulent flows Rock Rolls are used to provide a solid foundation on top of which either pre-established coir fibre rolls or plant pallets can be installed. The roots of the emergent plants then quickly grow into the voids of the rock rolls giving long term erosion control and bank support.

Rock Rolls that are installed below coir units can also be used to support a filter fabric or biodegradable matting. This system retains the fines in the bank while the roots of the plants from the pre-vegetated coir units establish themselves into the bed of the waterway and through the woven geotextile into the suitable fill.

Feature Rock Rolls
Diameter: 300mm, 400mm
Netting Mesh Size: 45mm
Roll Length 2m
Netting Polymer: Polypropylene
Netting Tensile Strength: 3.2KN/mesh (CEN/TC/53)
Netting Yarn Type: 5mm knotless multifilament
Stone Fill: Granite Stone 70-130mm or as specified by engineer
Target Weight: 300mm = 240kg/roll, 400mm = 360Kg


  • Provides solid foundation for CoirLogs to be installed
  • Creates environment for plant roots to bind to
  • Long term erosion control and bank support

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Rock Rolls


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