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Biobrane™ SiltPocket™ is a lightweight, portable, compact and adaptable solution for gully erosion reinstatement, check dams, no-dig silt fence and silt traps.

Biobrane™ SiltPocket™

Biobrane™ SiltPocket™ is a lightweight, portable, compact and adaptable solution for gully erosion reinstatement, check dams, no-dig silt fence and silt traps.

This completely new, and highly versatile, erosion and sediment pollution control device consists of a mat formed from interlocking, open fronted, pockets that are designed to:
● Detain and filter passing water
● Trap eroded material
● Reduce water velocity and therefore scour erosion energy
● Encourage settlement of silt

Check Dams and No-Dig Silt Fences

SiltPockets™ can be used to form check dams and no-dig silt fences as a preventative measure to control surface erosion from sheet run-off and the migration of silt off site, which is a particular problem in construction, forestry and farming.

While for badly eroded areas SiltPocket™ offers an effective way to reinstate gullies. As the pockets fill with water and trapped silt they create sediment trap check dams which slow the water flow rate and encourage settlement of sediment, filling the gullies and restoring the land for revegetation.

Similarly SiltPockets™ can be used to restore eroded tidal water wetland margins by placing them along the shoreline to trap and filter sediment from retreating tidal flow.

In both circumstances, because the SiltPockets™ are left in situ they are made from our new Biobrane™ fully compostable non-woven fabric, which biodegrades over time to naturally integrate into the soil without leaving any harmful residues.

Processing Pumped Dirty Water

SiltPockets™ can be used in temporary flumes to process sediment from pumped, or gravity fed, dirty water in a controlled manner, with the option to use in conjunction with FlocBlocks and hydrocarbon absorbing Microfibre Spaghetti for ultimate pollution control.

For such applications the SiltPockets™ can also be made from Terrastop™ Highflow and Premium synthetic silt fence fabrics for progressive filtration and ease of emptying and reuse.

Protecting Waterways

SiltPockets™ can be suspended below stormwater outfall pipes to trap suspended solids without compromising flow rates.

While another potential use is to suspend SiltPockets™ in channelised flows to act as baffles and silt traps, helping to control pollution from silt laden water discharging into watercourses from side channels, along with disturbed sediment during instream construction activities, without causing excessive water back up.

They can also be utilised to create micro catchment areas for flood mitigation downstream during storm events.

Feature SiltPocket™
Expanded Pocket Size: 320mm wide x 320mm deep x 360mm high
Weight: 500g [EN ISO 9864]
Units per Metre:: 3.12
Silt Entrapment Capacity (30º slope):: 220 kg/m
Feature Biobrane™
Permeability: 78 l/m²sec [EN ISO 11058]
Pore Size: 92 micron [EN ISO 12956]
Strength: 6.5 kN/m [EN ISO 10319]
Break Elongation: >30% [EN ISO 10319]
Composition: 100% bio-based, fully biodegradable
Ignitability Test Smouldering Cigarette: Passed [EN ISO 12952 -1/2]


  • 100% Bio-Based
  • Fully Compostable
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Detains and filters passing water
  • Traps eroded material
  • Reduces water velocity and therefore scours erosion energy
  • Encourages settlement of silt

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Biobrane™ SiltPocket™


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