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Temporary pop up spring berm silt wattle to control soil erosion and stormwater run-off pollution from drainage channels on construction sites.

Ultra Erosion Guards - Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd.

Ultra Erosion Guard

Sediment & Erosion Control

Ultra Erosion Guard

Ultra Erosion Guard pop up spring berms are designed to control the common problem of channel erosion on construction sites and storm water run-off from steep slopes.

Without vegetation to anchor the soil, stormwater can very quickly cut its way through open areas carrying sediment with it. By placing the Erosion Guards in ditches, gullies and other areas where water has the potential to drain through, the units reduce the water’s speed and erosion energy, trapping sand and sediment, and stopping it from getting washed away.

The sprung loaded Erosion Guards silt wattle are quick and easy to install, and, because of their compact nature, they are easy to store with over 500m of berm fitting on just one pallet.

The 25cm diameter tubes are supplied compressed and held together with special buckles. When these are unclipped the tubes automatically expand to their full 1.80m length, with the inbuilt helical spring keeping each tube rigid.
The buckles can then be used to connect tubes together to form long continuous fluid control barriers.

While the attached skirt, which extends both upstream and downstream at the base of each berm, makes anchoring the barrier simple, either with metal fixing staples driven through the skirt or a covering of gravel in stony/frozen ground conditions.

It is also recommended to use Ultra Erosion Guard spring berm in conjunction with an erosion control blanket.

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9820 254 diam. x 127mm 254 diam. x 1,778mm 6 318 x 330 x 521mm 8kg


  • Reduces erosion and controls gully formation
  • Lightweight, compact silt control device – easily stored and transported.
  • Heavy-duty steel springs instantly expand when needed.
  • 100% polyester fabric (green mesh) reduces runoff slows velocity and retains silt.
  • Durable polypropylene (black skirt) helps hold the unit in place with dirt, rocks, or stakes.
  • Quick and easy installation - no post digging or trenching required.
  • Versatile - units can be clipped together to create longer lengths as needed.

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Ultra Erosion Guards


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  • Ultra Erosion Guards can be used as an alternative to the 'traditional' silt wattle
Ultra Erosion Guards supplied by Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd. Tel: 01233 720097
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