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Tough plastic sheets used to temporarily exclude, or contain, newts, frogs, snakes and small wildlife.

Ecofender™ Temporary/Semi-Permanent Newt Fences

Ecofender™ Temporary/Semi Permanent Newt Fences are tough plastic sheets used to temporarily exclude, or contain, newts, frogs,snakes and small wildlife - protecting them from entering hazardous areas (such as construction sites) - and conform to the CIRIA “Wildlife Fencing Design Guide” and English Nature “Great Crested Newt Mitigation Guidelines” criteria.

Hy-Tex Ecofender™ Newt Barriers sheets can be fixed to a simple post and rail timber fence, and the bottom edge entrenched to provide an impenetrable barrier. While the smooth surfaces are difficult for reptiles and amphibians to climb. The tough, 1000 gauge, UV stabilised, green or clear polythene “Standard” grade is designed to resist weather damage - providing reliable protection throughout the works. A “Heavy-Duty” 2000 gauge reinforced grade is available for more demanding applications (such as exposed sites) or for prolonged protection; while a “Woven” grade is available for windy and/or budget solutions.

Feature Ecofender™ Newt Barrier
Ecofender™ Newt Barrier
Ecofender™ Newt Barrier Woven
Material: 1000 gauge (250µ), 2% UV stabilised polythene membrane 2000 gauge (500µ) twin reinforced coated polyethylene membrane. Tensile strength: md 34kN/m cd 31kN/m, elongation: md 25% cd 20%, UV stabilisation 400kLy. 475µ woven polyethylene fabric. Tensile strength: md 20kN/m cd 16kN/m, elongation: md 20% cd 16%, UV stabilisation 400kLy.
Life Expectancy
(½ strength UK):
2 to 3 year 7 years 7 years
Colour: Green tint Black Black with 25cm white marker grid
Weight: approx 23kg
per roll
365g/m² 102g/m²
Roll Size: 1.00m x approx 100.00m 1.00m x 25.00 or 50.00m 1.00 x 100.00m


  • Numerous grades to meet project specifications
  • UV Stabilised
  • Protects small wildlife from entering hazardous areas
  • Tough for reptiles to climb
  • Weather resistant
  • Conforms to 'wildlife fencing design guide' & 'great crested newt mitigation guidelines'

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Ecofender™ Temporary/Semi-Permanent Newt Fences


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  • Posts, nails and washers also available (see below)
  • We suggest maximum 1.50m post spacing
  • We suggest minimum 4 Nails + washers per post
Ecofender™ Newt Fences supplied by Hy-Tex (UK) Ltd. Tel: 01233 720097
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