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Ecotex MulchMat™

The first professional grade, weed control membrane made purely from organic material that is fully compostable, has a low carbon footprint and is naturally fire resistant is now available in the UK exclusively from Hy-Tex.

Root Barrier C3

Root Barrier C3 is a highly regarded flexible, reinforced barrier designed to protect structures and services from root damage and control the spread of invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed, Hog Weed and bamboo.

Terrastop™ Silt Fences

The market leading Terrastop™ silt fence range offers unrivalled performance in controlling pollution caused by silt laden construction site stormwater run-off.

Ultra Drain Guards

Ultra Drain Guards are designed to remove sediment and oil pollution from surface water running into gully drains from surrounding construction sites, farms, and industrial estates.


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