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Bayco® support wire was developed specially for applications in fruit and wine growing and greenhouse constructions. Bayco® is high tensile polyamide monofilament wire which offers many advantages over normal wire.

Bayco® Equine

Bayco® Equine fencing wire is specially developed by Bayer to combine safety and security for horses with the strength, durability and attractiveness needed in such fences.

Bird Nets

Hy-Tex AG BIRD knitted monofilament nets offer effective passive protection of seeds, crops and fruit against damage caused by birds and a variety of pests.

Clearweave Cherry Covers

Growing cherries has proved an uncertain business because of their vulnerability to weather damage. The Hy-Tex Clearweave™ cherry cover system has been specifically designed to offer protection throughout the season.


Hy-Tex Covertex™ ground cover is an extremely versatile landscaping and horticultural fabric for long-term weed control, moisture conservation and separation.

Covertex™ Tree Mats

These tree mats are made from our Covertex™ ground cover, which is a premium grade fabric. Our Covertex™ Tree Mats provide effective weed suppression allowing newly planted trees to establish, without the competition from weeds.

Extruded Nets

A comprehensive range of high strength, light weight, plastic extruded meshes for plant support, fencing, bird cages, litter fence, butterfly protection, windbreaks, warning barriers, screens, tree guards and many other applications.

Insect Meshes

Clear, woven, and knitted, polyethylene monofilament meshes to exclude harmful insects from greenhouses and tunnels, or to keep pollinating insects inside.

Knitted Nets

A comprehensive range of robust knitted and woven monofilament and tape nets and meshes for windbreak, shading and hail protection.

Tree Ties

Simple low cost and effective tree tie. Made entirely of natural fibres and fully biodegradable. Usually lasts two winter seasons unless very exposed to the weather. Wrap it around itself to make a cushion to protect the tree from rubbing.


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