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Bayco® Fixings

Alongside the Bayco® Equine fencing range, we also supply a range of accessories to make installation and maintenance easier. We can offer staples, grommets, vises and splices.

Biodegradable Pegs

We supply two types of fully biodegradable pegs, the Eco-Peg™, which is made from PLA; and our WoodPeg timber “T” peg.

Chestnut Posts

We supply a range of quality, competitively priced, chestnut posts for waterway applications.

Clout Nails

Galvanised, extra large head, Clout Nails.

Ecofender™ Repair Tape

All weather repair tape for Ecofender™ Standard newt barrier sheets.

Gripple TL P1 Pin

The Gripple TL P1 Pin holds all types of erosion control and soil stabilisation blanket matting securely in place.

Ground Cover Lap Tape

Ground Cover Lap Tape is a tough an effected double sided adhesive tape to seal laps when using Covertex.

Metal Fixing Pins

We supply a wide range of metal fixing pins to reliably anchor our fabrics in diverse ground conditions.

Plastic Fixing Pegs

Our plastic fixing pegs are most commonly used to anchor our Covertex ground cover and rubber safety mat.

Protective Washers

Protective polyethylene washers – 25mm diameter x 1mm thick.

Root Barrier C3 Lapping Tape

Root Barrier Lapping Tape is a self-adhesive sheet membrane constructed from an oriented cross laminated high density polyethylene sheeting and a bitumen-polymer adhesive compound. The product is a tough, durable, self-adhesive sheet with an overall thickness of 1.5 mm.

Timber Posts

We supply our comprehensive range of quality, competitively priced, treated timber posts exclusively as FSC®.


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