Hy-Tex Applications

Hy-Tex supply a diverse range of fabrics and meshes for solutions to groundwork, civil engineering, landscaping and horticultural problems.

Applications include: Surface and water margin erosion control, Vegetation restoration, Environmental protection, Sediment pollution control, Soil stabilisation, Road-base construction, Root damage and invasive plant control, Wildlife and amphibian barriers, Weed suppression, Grass car parks and access tracks

Protecting Newts and Frogs

Every year thousands of amphibians are killed throughout Britain on roads that cross their migration paths (for example, on one monitored road an estimated 10,000 toads crossed in 5 days of early March) while motorists are also put at risk through distraction and evasive action.

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Surface Erosion Control

Unprotected, bare slopes are vulnerable to surface erosion by rain, runoff and wind. The risk is highest on over steepened slopes; sites with exposed highly erodible sub-soil; and where the ground has been disturbed or badly compacted.

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Stormwater Run-off Pollution

Stormwater run-off from construction sites is a significant, and frequently underestimated, source of pollution. Activities, such as clearing, grading, and excavating, disturb or expose soil leaving it highly susceptible to weather erosion for prolonged periods.

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