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Hey lovelies,

This past weekend was the production Stripped! The show was written by a Carleton grad named Kat George who interviewed and wrote this wonderful production. It is essentially a collection of monologues from Carleton students, staff, faculty, and alumnae to showcase all of the beautiful, diverse bodies that exist in our community. The show mimics the style of The Vagina Monologues, but Stripped excels in not focusing on white, cisgendered, heterosexual women.

My role in the production was “microaggressor” which meant I would introduce each monologue with real microaggressions faced by the community. The show strung together experiences that touched upon conflicts with international students https://sis.utk.edu/ who have various perceptions of “home.” It explored the criticisms faced by Latinx women who choose not to shave, or black children who grew up with spanking as a product of white colonization. And while the show of course could not incorporate each and every experience, it was truly an intimate, inclusive portrayal. I was so honored to be part of the production and to have it wrap up my winter term.

One thing I am looking forward to is finishing my “Environmental Anthropology of the Middle East” class. I know this may sound nerdy but I am eager to begin writing my final paper on Syrian refugee resettlement. At first I was terrified of being the only freshman in an upper-level course (!!!) especially after never taking “Into to Anthropology” (!!!!!!!!!). However, my professor made the course super accessible and enjoyable with our mighty size of four students. Apparently each class also gets a budget that the professor can spend on their students. My prof took us out to Brick Oven Bakery, the cutest little shop nestled in a complex near Carleton. We feasted on raspberry scones and veggie pizzas over discussions of colonization in Egypt.

This term has been full of ups and its downs. But as the weather warms up and Carleton students are focusing on essaysonline the finish line ahead, I have all the more reason to keep pushing through!

Stay cute & warm,

Sergio Demara

Sergio hails from Tucson, Arizona, a land where everyone adopts several cacti for pets, and eggs are fried to perfection on sidewalks from consistent 100+° F temperatures. That said, his interests include rock climbing, foreign films, and vegan/vegetarian cooking (and is always looking for treats in his mailbox). He is a potential Cinema & Media Studies or Political Science major who hopes to spread equality & activism through mixed media. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.

The Stripped cast!

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