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ACO Wildlife

The ACO wildlife range of permanent guidance fences, road tunnels and stop grids provide effective long term solutions for the protection of frogs, toads and newts where their migratory routes cross roads.


Bayco® support wire was developed specially for applications in fruit and wine growing and greenhouse constructions. Bayco® is high tensile polyamide monofilament wire which offers many advantages over normal wire.

Bayco® Equine

Bayco® Equine fencing wire is specially developed by Bayer to combine safety and security for horses with the strength, durability and attractiveness needed in such fences.

Bayco® Fixings

Alongside the Bayco® Equine fencing range, we also supply a range of accessories to make installation and maintenance easier. We can offer staples, grommets, vises and splices.

Biobrane™ Drain Guards

Biobrane™ Drain Guards are designed to remove sediment and oil pollution from surface water running into gully drains from surrounding construction sites, farms, industrial estates, or other areas prone to storm water pollution and cleaning operations. Kindly note, our Biobrane™ Drain Guards have superseded Ultra Drain Guards.

Biobrane™ Pipe Socks

Biobrane™ Pipe Socks control pollution caused when pumping dirty water from excavations, and offers an economical alternative to traditional dewatering bags or filtration products. Kindly note, our Biobrane™ Pipe Socks have superseded Pro-Tex™ Pipe Socks.

Biobrane™ SiltPocket™

Biobrane™ SiltPocket™ is a lightweight, portable, compact and adaptable solution for gully erosion reinstatement, check dams, no-dig silt fence and silt traps.

Biodegradable Pegs

We supply two types of fully biodegradable pegs, the Eco-Peg™, which is made from PLA; and our WoodPeg timber “T” peg.

Bird Nets

Hy-Tex AG BIRD knitted monofilament nets offer effective passive protection of seeds, crops and fruit against damage caused by birds and a variety of pests.

Brushwood Faggots

Our Brushwood Faggots are for use in rivers, canals and lakes to trap sediment and protect the tow of the riverbanks.

Chestnut Posts

We supply a range of quality, competitively priced, chestnut posts for waterway applications.

Clearweave Cherry Covers

Growing cherries has proved an uncertain business because of their vulnerability to weather damage. The Hy-Tex Clearweave™ cherry cover system has been specifically designed to offer protection throughout the season.

Clout Nails

Galvanised, extra large head, Clout Nails.


CoirDisc™ tree mats are fully biodegradable weed control discs.


CoirFence™ is a system designed for easy creation of retaining geocells, and stabilisation fencing, on embankments where top soil is vulnerable to slippage during vegetation establishment.


CoirLogs are biodegradable, coconut fibre bio-rolls. They work in harmony with nature, to protect and support banks, and shorelines, while promoting restoration of wetland environments.


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