Specialist landscaping and groundworks products including meshes and tiles that preserve areas used for grass car parks footpaths and disabled access by discreetly reinforcing and improving wear resistance. Also a lawn edging kerb.

Hy-Pave -


Hy-Pave EKG1 porous cellular pavers are strong, interlocking, plastic tiles used to create permeable reinforced grassed or gravel areas for a variety of applications.

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Hycell -


Hycell is a cellular matrix of interconnecting polymer strips that form pockets to locate and strengthen the fill material. The polymer strips confine the filling material and significantly improve tensile strength.

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GridLock -


In areas that require the high load bearing capacity of asphalt, Hy-Tex GridLock offers a soft landscaping solution to hard landscaping problems, which is both economically viable and aesthetically pleasing.

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Edge-Guards -


Whether you're edging your lawn, patio, garden path, or a Hy-Pave reinforced parking area, Edge-Guards give you a perfect, aesthetically pleasing finish.

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GrassMesh -


The GrassMesh™ range of robust, extruded, polyethylene meshes provide a discreet method to improve wear resistance and reinforce grass areas used by vehicles and/or pedestrians, whilst maintaining their appearance.

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