Ultra Dewatering Bags

Ultra Dewatering Bags

Hy-Tex Ultra Dewatering Bags provide an effective way to collect harmful sediments from dirty water pumped out of excavation works that would otherwise pollute the surrounding environment.

Hy-Tex Ultra Dewatering Bags provide an effective way to collect harmful sediments from dirty water pumped out of excavation works (such as foundations, pipe line construction, water, sewer and utility trenches, waterways and lakes) that would otherwise pollute the surrounding environment.

It is a legal requirement to prevent silty water from leaving site untreated, and a finable offence if you do not take appropriate pollution control measures. The Environment Agency Pollution Prevention Guidelines PPG6, in summary, require that the majority of suspended solids (gravel, sand, and silt) must be removed from site water before it is discharged into a drain, sewer or watercourse.

Traditionally settlement methods (such as straw bale structures or settlement ponds/tanks) are often ineffective, rely on slow water movement, long settlement times, expensive and time consuming tank maintenance and large works areas.

Ultra Dewatering Bags are an efficient, practical, quick, simple and cost effective alternative solution to manage this ongoing environmental problem of removing suspended solid pollutants from pumped water on construction sites.

Sediment-laden water is simply pumped into the high quality filter bags, which trap the solids inside and allow filtered water to flow freely out through the geotextile fabric to disperse into the surrounding ground or another collection point.

Ultra Dewatering Bags can also be used for gravity feed applications such as outfall pipes from site drainage or lagoons.

The silt filter bags provide a passive non-mechanical solution, without the use of excessive or specialist machinery (other than possible lifting equipment when full), and do not require a large work area.

The sediment bags are also light, compact and easy to store, with minimal cleaning up required - when full just dispose of the bag and replace with another bag.

The Ultra Dewatering Bags detain both oil and sediment, offering a combination of benefits not available in alternative products. They can also be used to contain contaminated sediment whilst treatments are applied (such as flocculants or absorbents).

The standard 1.80 x 1.80m Ultra Dewatering bags has the capacity to trap near 1 tonne of silt and cope with flow rates up to 2,730 l/min, while the larger 3.05 x 4.55m bags can trap over 4 tonnes of silt and cope with flow rates up to 6,818 l/min.

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