Terralys Geotextiles

Terralys Geotextiles

Hy-Tex are the UK agent for the Terralys™ range of woven polypropylene tape geotextiles. These fabrics are used in ground engineering to provide separation, reinforcement, stabilisation and filtration.

Hy-Tex are the UK agent for the Terralys™ range of woven polypropylene tape geotextiles. These fabrics are used in ground engineering to provide separationreinforcement, stabilisation and filtration.

Primarily used in road construction, and fully complying with the DTp Clause 609 specification, the range of fabrics offer varying characteristics to suit differing site conditions.

The Hy-Tex Terralys™ geotextile range of woven polypropylene ground engineering fabrics offer cost effective, and practical, solutions for a variety of construction and groundwork applications.

The range includes our extremely popular LF 16/16 grade, which fully complies with the Department of Transport Clause 609 specification for road/earthwork separator applications, together with high strength fabrics (Up to 90kN/m). Further grades, including high flow fabrics, are under development.

Typical projects where Terralys™ geotextiles are of benefit include: road and track foundations, railway base layers, paved areas, french drains and soakaways, coastal/erosion protection and embankment stabilisation.

From 1st October 2002 it was a mandatory requirement that geotextiles supplied to public works be "CE Marked". We are pleased to confirm that our manufacturer, Beaulieu Technical Fabrics, is fully compliant with these important European standards.

(ISO 9001 Quality Assured manufacturer)

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