A range of synthetic fabrics, meshes and grids for groundwork applications to provide filtration, separation and/or reinforcement as well as long term erosion protection. Also specialist technical fabrics for root barriers and our newly launched Terrastop Premium™ silt fence.

Ultra Drain Guards - Drain guards

Ultra Drain Guards

Ultra Drain Guards are designed to remove oil and sediment pollution from surface water running into gully drains from surrounding construction sites, farms, and industrial estates.

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Ultra Dewatering Bags - Dewatering bags

Ultra Dewatering Bags

Hy-Tex Ultra Dewatering Bags provide an effective way to collect harmful sediments from dirty water pumped out of excavation works that would otherwise pollute the surrounding environment.

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Terrastop Premium - Silt fence

Terrastop Premium

Specialised silt fence fabric used as an entrenched interceptor fence to control pollution caused by silt laden construction site stormwater run-off.

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Ultra Erosion Guard - Silt wattle spring berm

Ultra Erosion Guard

Temporary pop up spring berm silt wattle to control erosion and stormwater run-off pollution from drainage channels on construction sites

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Root Barrier C3 - Root barrier

Root Barrier C3

A triple coated linear barrier designed to protect structures and services from root damage and control the spread of invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed and bamboo

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Terralys Geotextiles - Geotextiles

Terralys Geotextiles

Hy-Tex are the UK agent for the Terralys™ range of woven polypropylene tape geotextiles. These fabrics are used in ground engineering to provide separation, reinforcement, stabilisation and filtration.

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GeoMat - Geomat


The Hy-Tex GeoMat™ range of three dimensional, synthetic, cuspated erosion control geomats are used to provide permanent reinforcement to the grass root matrix for permanent surface erosion protection.

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