GrassMat Supreme

GrassMat Supreme

GrassMat™ Supreme is a new biodegradable textile, pre-sown with seed and fertilizer, which provides an easy method for effective vegetation restoration and erosion control on wide variety of landscapes from lawns to steep slopes.

GrassMat™ Supreme is a new biodegradable textile, pre-sown with seed and fertilizer, which provides an easy method for effective vegetation restoration and erosion control on wide variety of landscapes from lawns to steep slopes.
Its innovative construction traps seed and fertilizer securely and evenly within the mat so they cannot be disturbed during handling, transportation, installation and settlement (a common problem with previous blankets). Inside GrassMat™ Supreme, the seeds sprout and grow well, protected from washout and deprivation, to give excellent grass cover results.

Easy to Install Preparing the ground simply requires turning over the upper layer (5-10 cm), removing any pre-existing vegetation and any rocks then levelling.
GrassMat™ Supreme is light, thin, elastic and easy to lay. It doesn’t require specialist manpower to install; is fast to lay down (two people can lay 500m² in around 40 minutes on a slope with a 35° to 40° inclination, while on plain surfaces the same operation takes just 20 minutes); can be quickly cut and shaped just using scissors; is easy to carry to those difficult to reach locations and if stocked in a dry place inside its nylon packaging, the product life is longer than one year.
Environmentally Friendly It is a natural product made purely from cellulose fibre, which totally biodegrades over 4 to 5 months (depending on the environment) with any residue enhancing the soil. Unlike previous seed blankets no undesirable plastic retain nets are used, so there is no threat of ensnaring wildlife or fouling maintenance equipment.
The natural green colour gives a pleasant first impression and better adapted to the landscape.
Improved Plant Growth It contains high quality seeds and granulated fertilizers, precisely proportioned and scattered to provide uniform germination. These elements are firmly kept inside the fibre protecting them from the weather, pathogens, insects and birds.
GrassMat™ Supreme also controls the soil temperature and reduces evaporation - keeping the soil more humid - and helps suppress weed growth.
Custom seed mixtures (including wildflowers) are available to suit the season, local conditions and application.
Erosion Control The immediate close adherence of GrassMat™ Supreme to the ground controls surface erosion from the moment the product is laid down and the matting is designed to provide protection long enough for vegetation to effectively establish.
By using GrassMat™ Supreme all installation tasks are performed during just a single operational, for great effectiveness and reduced costs compared to unseeded erosion control products.
Independent trials have also shown that loose fibre straw/coir blankets are vulnerable to fibre alignment under high flow conditions, which severely compromise the erosion protection properties. However, the structure of GrassMat™ Supreme results in a stable matrix that is not susceptible to this problem.
GrassMat™ Supreme provides very good results even on slopes as steep as 85°. When incorporated in steep slope reinforced banks or beneath turf reinforcement geomats the fabric also acts as a filter controlling washout of fine soil particles.
GrassMat™ Supreme is ideal for use in conjunction with the Hy-Tex GrassMesh™ range of turf reinforcement meshes in areas where no grass exists to provide a clean surface.
Lawns Perfection Using GrassMat™ Supreme, the work needed for the sowing of new lawns is remarkably reduced and the results far better than traditional methods.
Kindly note, as with all seeded areas, is important that GrassMat™ Supreme is regularly irrigated and keep moist until vegetation has established.

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