A diverse range of natural fibre meshes, blankets and substrates which provide environmental friendly solutions for erosion control and the restoration of vegetation. Featuring our newly launched Ecotex MulchMat™ fully compostable, fire retardant, weed control fabric. Also our unique, award winning, Sedimat™ matting, which protects aquatic habitats by trapping sediment disturbed during in-stream construction activities.

CoirFence - soil stabilisation


CoirFence™ is a new system designed for easy creation of retaining geocells, and stabilisation fencing, on embankments where top soil is vulnerable to slipage during vegetation establishment.

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Sedimat - Sedimat


Sedimats™ are used in waterways during in-stream construction activities (such as pipe laying or dredging) to trap disturbed sediment that may pollute aquatic habitats downstream.

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CoirLog and CoirPallet - Coir

CoirLog and CoirPallet

Hy-Tex CoirLog and CoirPallet biodegradable, coconut fibre bio-roll and mattress substrates work in harmony with nature, to protect and support banks, and shorelines, while promoting restoration of wetland environments.

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Ecotex MulchMat - weed control membrane

Ecotex MulchMat

The first professional grade, weed control membrane made purely from organic material that is fully compost-able, has a low carbon footprint and is naturally fire resistant is now available in the UK exclusively from Hy-Tex.

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CoirMesh - erosion control blanket


CoirMesh™ coir erosion control blankets are open weave, pure coconut, meshes that offer the strongest and most durable natural fibre surface erosion control solutions available.

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GrassMat Supreme - Grass Mat

GrassMat Supreme

GrassMat™ Supreme is a new biodegradable textile, pre-sown with seed and fertilizer, which provides an easy method for effective vegetation restoration and erosion control on wide variety of landscapes from lawns to steep slopes.

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Soil Saver - Erosion Meshes

Soil Saver

Soil Saver™ and new Soil Saver-Fine™ biodegradable erosion control blankets are open weave, pure geo-jute meshes designed to protect both seed and soil on bare surfaces vulnerable to surface erosion by rain, run-off and wind.

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