Hy-Tex Covertex™ ground cover is an extremely versatile landscaping and horticultural fabric for long-term weed control, moisture conservation and separation.

Hy-Tex Covertex™ ground cover is an extremely versatile landscaping and horticultural fabric for long-term weed control, moisture conservation and separation.
Covertex™ is a premium grade woven membrane designed to offer the optimum balance between shade and permeability; and has a high degree of UV stabiliser added to protect it from the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight.

Landscaping Benefits

The dense black superior weave of Covertex™ effectively suppresses competitive weed growth, conserves ground moisture, maintains a clean surface, and creates a favourable environment for health plant growth. Consequently, usingCovertex™ ground cover in planted borders can dramatically reduce the costs and time involved in maintenance, and minimise undesirable herbicide use.
The fabric also has all the properties of a standard geotextile, so can be safely used for separation applications (Such as playpits, footpaths and bridleways).

Horticultural Benefits

Using Covertex™ in display areas, nurseries and greenhouses will provide a clean, free draining and hard wearing surface. While the pre-marked white grid aids spacing.
In orchards and fruit beds the fabric is regularly used to maintain a clean crop and reduce maintenance and disease problems.


Hy-Tex Covertex™ ground cover has gained wide recognition for its' unrivalled quality and performance, and is the preferred choice of leading consultants and contractors.

Brief Details

This black, woven polypropylene, fabric is supplied in a convenient variety of roll widths, or as tree mat squares. The fabric is also available in white for increased light reflection, or green for discrete applications.
Roll Sizes: 1.05, 1.38, 1.65, 2.07, 2.57, 3.30, 4.15 and 5.15m x 100.00m and 2.07m x 50.00m
Tree Mats: 0.50 or 1.00m squares with single slit to centre

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