A comprehensive range of woven and knitted fabrics, nets and meshes for landscaping, horticultural and agricultural applications. Popular products include our highly regarded Covertex™ ground cover, which provides long term weed control and reduced maintenance.
Insect Meshes - Insect meshes

Insect Meshes

Clear, woven, and knitted, polyethylene monofilament meshes to exclude harmful insects from greenhouses and tunnels, or to keep pollinating insects inside.

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Covertex - Covertex


Hy-Tex Covertex™ ground cover is an extremely versatile landscaping and horticultural fabric for long-term weed control, moisture conservation and separation.

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Clearweave Cherry Covers - Cherry Rain Covers

Clearweave Cherry Covers

Growing cherries has proved an uncertain business because of their vulnerability to the weather damage. The new Hy-Tex Clearweave™ cherry cover system has been specifically designed to offer protection throughout the season.

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Extruded Nets - extruded nets

Extruded Nets

A comprehensive range of high strength, light weight, plastic extruded meshes for plant support, fencing, bird cages, litter fence, butterfly protection, windbreaks, warning barriers, screens, tree guards and many other applications.

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Bird Nets - Bird nets

Bird Nets

Hy-Tex AG BIRD knitted monofilament nets offer effective passive protection of seeds, crops and fruit against damage caused by birds and a variety of pests.

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Knitted Nets - Knitted Nets

Knitted Nets

A comprehensive range of robust knitted and woven monofilament nets and meshes for windbreak, shading and hail protection.

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