Bayco Equine

Bayco Equine

Bayco Equine fencing wire was specially developed by Bayer to combine safety and security for horses with the strength, durability and attractiveness needed in such fences.

The majority of horse injuries that occur in paddocks and pastures are fence related and often the result of the fence materials, design, workmanship, or combinations of all three. The most successful horse fences are designed and built with specific horse habits in mind:

  • The tendency to get hooves and legs caught in or through the fence or brace assembly,
  • Their active, alert, wandering nature and tendency to flee from real or perceived danger,
  • The habit of chewing wood boards, and
  • The need for good fence visibility.

While fences that require high maintenance can result in further hazards from neglect (Sagging, protruding rails, sharp or broken edges). The choice of suitable fencing materials is therefore vital to protect your horses from unnecessary injury.
Bayco Equine fencing wire was specially developed by Bayer to combine safety and security for horses with the strength, durability and attractiveness needed in such fences.
This unique synthetic polymer monofilament, which is white in colour, produces an attractive, highly visible fence that has become popular worldwide due to it's easy installation, low maintenance, high aesthetic value and economic and effective protection.
Bayco Equine is smooth so won't scar your animal if it brushes against the fence or tries to violate its borders. Bayco Equine is both rugged and resilient, and is the only wire that can stretch over 20% beyond its original length and still return to normal maintaining tension.
Horses can and regularly do break through fences, and it is at these times that serious injuries occur. However the risk of harm can be minimised if the fencing material offers the advantage of visibility, strength and flexibility.
Visibility is particularly important as horses have difficulty distinguishing certain colours. Some conventional fences are therefore difficult for them to see, compounding the risk of a horse accidentally running into the fence - which is why white fencing wire or sight wire is recommended.
Bayco Equine offers many other advantages over normal wire:

  • It is approximately 7 times lighter than steel wire, so is much easier to handle and use (A 650m reel weighs only 9.5kg).
  • The 4mm diameter cable has a breaking force of 550kg.
  • The bright white colour provides a long-term, high visibility, attractive barrier or sight wire.
  • It is UV and weather stabilised to retain high tensile strength and elongation elasticity for many years
  • Once properly tensioned, it does not sag, and with a 24% extension capability before breaking (Steel only has approx. 3% breaking stretch) returns to its original shape after bearing lower loads. Conventional fences do not have this ability so quickly sag, become unsightly and result in higher maintenance.
  • It is resistant to extreme temperatures, sunlight, crop chemicals, organic solvents, alkalis, acids and sea water (So ideally suited to coastal regions)
  • Unlike metal it does not conduct electricity or rust, and there are no sharp edges
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