A selection of related products including assorted fabric fixing pins and pegs.
Bayco® -


Bayco® support wire was developed specially for applications in fruit and wine growing and greenhouse constructions. Bayco® is high tensile polyamide monofilament wire which offers many advantages over normal wire.

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Bayco Equine -

Bayco Equine

Bayco Equine fencing wire was specially developed by Bayer to combine safety and security for horses with the strength, durability and attractiveness needed in such fences.

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Plastic Fixing Pegs -

Plastic Fixing Pegs

Our plastic fixing pegs are most commonly used to anchor our Covertex ground cover and rubber safety mats, particularly in children's play areas (where metal fixings may be a hazard).

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Timber Posts -

Timber Posts

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Metal Fixing Pins -

Metal Fixing Pins

We supply a wide range of metal fixing pins to reliably anchor our fabrics in diverse ground conditions.

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Gripple TL P1 -

Gripple TL P1

A comprehensive range of robust knitted and woven monofilament nets and meshes for windbreak, shading and hail protection.

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