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Wildlife Protection

ACO Wildlife

The ACO wildlife range of permanent guidance fences, road tunnels and stop grids provide effective long term solutions for the protection of frogs, toads and newts where their migratory routes cross roads.

Ecofender™ Elite Permanent Amphibian & Reptile Guidance Barriers

Ecofender™ Elite Permanent Amphibian & Reptile Guidance Barrier is a robust material for permanent exclusion and mitigation projects.

Ecofender™ Newt Panels (3mm)

A permanent or long-term fencing system for newts, other amphibians and reptiles.

Ecofender™ Pitfall Traps

Stackable circular and square plastic buckets for pitfall trap use. Comes with plastic/steel handle and resealable lid. Additional accessories include floats and ladders

Ecofender™ Refuge Tiles

Our Ecofender Refuge Tiles create the ideal environment for amphibians to shelter under.

Ecofender™ Snake Fences

Our Ecofender™ Snake Fences are designed to keep grass snakes and other small reptiles out of the dangers construction sites may pose.

Ecofender™ SP1 Semi-Permanent Newt Fences (1mm)

Ecofender™ SP1 Semi-Permanent Newt Fences (1mm) is a budget option designed for semi- permanent applications requiring a life expectancy of up to 5 years and where there is a medium level risk of human disturbance.

Ecofender™ Temporary/Semi-Permanent Newt Fences

Tough plastic sheets used to temporarily exclude, or contain, newts, frogs, snakes and small wildlife.

Ecofender™ Water Vole Panels (3mm)

Our Ecofender™ Water Vole Fence Panels are designed to prevent water voles from entering construction sites.


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