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Tree Protection


CoirDisc™ tree mats are fully biodegradable weed control discs.

Covertex™ Tree Mats

These tree mats are made from our Covertex™ ground cover, which is a premium grade fabric. Our Covertex™ Tree Mats provide effective weed suppression allowing newly planted trees to establish, without the competition from weeds.

Eco-Haven™ Tree Guards

Eco-Haven™ is a completely new range of biodegradable, but highly durable, tree guards, shrub shelters and vine guards.

Ecotex™ 100 Tree Mats

Our biodegradable tree mats are made from the first professional grade, weed control membrane made purely from organic material that is fully compostable, has a low carbon footprint and is naturally fire resistant. Our Ecotex™ 100 Tree Mats provide biodegradable tree root protection.

Hy-Pave Dura

Hy-Pave Dura porous cellular pavers are strong, interlocking, plastic tiles used to create permeable reinforced grassed or gravel areas for a variety of applications. Each plastic tile is made from 100% recycled HDPE and has a low carbon footprint.


Hycell is a cellular matrix of interconnecting polymer strips that form pockets to locate and strengthen the fill material. The polymer strips confine the filling material and significantly improve tensile strength.

Root Barrier C3

Root Barrier C3 is a highly regarded flexible, reinforced barrier designed to protect structures and services from root damage and control the spread of invasive plants such as Japanese Knotweed, Hog Weed and bamboo.

Tree Ties

Simple low cost and effective tree tie. Made entirely of natural fibres and fully biodegradable. Usually lasts two winter seasons unless very exposed to the weather. Wrap it around itself to make a cushion to protect the tree from rubbing.


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