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Surface Erosion Control

Biobrane™ SiltPocket™

Biobrane™ SiltPocket™ is a lightweight, portable, compact and adaptable solution for gully erosion reinstatement, check dams, no-dig silt fence and silt traps.


CoirFence™ is a system designed for easy creation of retaining geocells, and stabilisation fencing, on embankments where top soil is vulnerable to slippage during vegetation establishment.


CoirLogs are biodegradable, coconut fibre bio-rolls. They work in harmony with nature, to protect and support banks, and shorelines, while promoting restoration of wetland environments.


CoirMat™ erosion control blankets are an economic solution for protection against soil and seed loss and promotion of revegetation on areas of disturbed ground.


CoirMesh™ coir erosion control blankets are open weave, pure coconut, meshes that offer the strongest and most durable natural fibre surface erosion control solutions available.


The Hy-Tex GeoMat™ range of three dimensional, synthetic, cuspated erosion control geomats are used to provide permanent reinforcement to the grass root matrix for permanent surface erosion protection.

GrassMat™ Supreme

GrassMat™ Supreme is a biodegradable textile, pre-sown with seed and fertilizer, which provides an easy method for effective vegetation restoration and erosion control on a wide variety of landscapes from lawns to steep slopes.

Soil Saver™

Soil Saver™ biodegradable geo-jute erosion control meshes are widely acknowledged as the best, and most economical, solution for surface erosion control where effective vegetation will establish within two to three years.


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