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Sediment Pollution Control

Pro-Tex™ Drain Inlet Filters

Pro-Tex Drain Inlet Filters are new lightweight mats used to protect road gullies, kerb inlets and surface drains from debris, and silt laden stormwater run-off, without compromising drainage.

Pro-Tex™ Pipe Socks

Pro-Tex™ Dewatering Socks control pollution caused when pumping dirty water from excavations, and offers an economical alternative to traditional dewatering bags or filtration products on small works.

Pro-Tex™ Silt Curtains

Pro-Tex™ Floating Silt Curtains – also known as silt nets or turbidity curtains – are designed to contain and control the dispersion of suspended solids in the water column during piling, dredging, bank re-profiling, quarrying or marine construction.


Sedimats™ are used in waterways during in-stream construction activities (such as pipe laying or dredging) to trap disturbed sediment that may pollute aquatic habitats downstream.

Straw Bales

Straw bales can be placed downstream of works to act as a barrier and may help trap suspended sediment while allowing the water to pass through the bales.

Terrastop™ Silt Fences

The market leading Terrastop™ silt fence range offers unrivalled performance in controlling pollution caused by silt laden construction site stormwater run-off.

Ultra Dewatering Bags

Ultra Dewatering Bags provide an effective way to collect harmful sediments from dirty water pumped out of excavation works that would otherwise pollute the surrounding environment.

Ultra Drain Guards

Ultra Drain Guards are designed to remove sediment and oil pollution from surface water running into gully drains from surrounding construction sites, farms, and industrial estates.

Ultra Erosion Guards

Temporary pop up spring berm silt wattle to control soil erosion and stormwater run-off pollution from drainage channels on construction sites.


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