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Living Walls

Pixel Garden

Pixel-Garden vertical gardens offer enormous possibilities of arrangement. Small pots, like picture pixels, blend into colourful, detail-rich images. They allow you to create a variety of colour variations – flowering mosaics and elaborate floral patterns, with dramatic impact.

VersiWall® GM

VersiWall® GM is an engineered modular system for creating attractive and sustainable living walls. It is a source of visual amenity in built environments and provides thermal insulation and cooling benefit to buildings, enhances noise attenuation, and helps to improve air quality.

VersiWall® GP

VersiWall™ GP is an extremely versatile, easy-to-install and low maintenance modular vertical greening system which offers architects and developers a cost-effective solution to turn monotonous walls into aesthetically-pleasing living plant walls.


VertiVerd vertical green wall modules are designed as a cost effective and practical solution for domestic applications.


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